Family Counseling

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John P. Harris, LCSW

Old Town Neighborhood, Chicago.

In a family with two parents, the most important relationship is the one between them – the executive relationship. The parent(s) model for their children how people treat one another, show care and respect for one another, how to nurture and foster growth and development, and how to negotiate conflicts.

In other words, we learn how to have relationships as a result of what we experienced, and what we observed in the family in which we grew up.

My approach to family counseling is a synthesis of psychodynamic theory and systems theory.

Systems theory teaches us that a change in one part of the system (a family member) reverberates throughout the system (the family). In other words, when something happens to one family member it impacts the entire family.

It's a holistic approach that takes into account both the individual members of the family and the context in which they exist.

For example, if one or both parents is experiencing increased stress, the associated anxiety can be transmitted to the child which can be manifested in behavioral or emotional problems.